Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SaschArt Flash Loader

SaschArt Flash Loader - free version 1.2

Flash Loader is simple but smart application for CD Multimedia Presentation in flash. With this application you can loading your swf file and use it like an application for all Windows Platforms. If you try to make windows projector from Flash you will can launch only other executables. My application can launch all kind of files and open it in the default application with easy commands. For example you can open from your swf file: doc, txt, pdf, exe, jpg, gif, avi, mp3 and more. Also you can set in SaschArt Flash Loader swf sizes and path from another folder, border style and fullscreen style.

Commands setting:

In the readme.txt file you can set border, fullscreen, sizes and relative path from your swf file. Make this settings in the follow order:
  • border:true set true or false if you want to have border or not for your swf
  • fullscreen:false set true or false if you want your swf to open it in fullscreen mode or not
  • sizes:550x400 set sizes for your swf file (if you set before fullscreen:true can erase this command to open your swf file with screen size)
  • /presentation.swf set relative path from your swf file

    Also you can make commands into your swf file to launch all kind of files or other like this:
  • fscommand("open","readme.txt") to open any file
  • fscommand("minimize") to minimize your swf file
  • fscommand("quit") to close your swf file with application

  • Visit to takeyour Flash Loader.

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