Monday, June 8, 2009

SWF Obfuscator

SWF Obfuscator - free version 1.0

This SWF Obfuscator can easy to encode your swf files to protect your work. This obfuscator rename variable and functions names which you insert on the field, also you can find the functions names from your swf files.

I use this in the script:

$fp=fopen($src,"rb") ;
$head=fread($fp,3) ;
if ($head<>"FWS" && $head<>"CWS") {
messageEcho("Uploaded file is not a valid SWF file");
if (substr($head,0,1)=="C")


//change variables and functions name to obfuscate

$swfdata=strtr($swfdata,array($old_var=>$new_var,... ));

if (substr($head,0,1)=="C")


Visit to make safe your swf files.

1 comment:

Flasher said...

I used your swf encoder, seen to be good, I cand decode with Imperator but is impossible to have readable code, also cannot compile on swf after the Imperator source, good job, what is your secret?